Construction Progression

Construction progression

Construction Progression

Imaging In The Sky is Tampa’s leading provider of aerial imaging services for the construction and real estate development sectors. Our partnership with companies maximizes the benefits of drone technology, including:

  • Securing more contracts by utilizing valuable aerial imagery during the pre-planning, proposal, and presentation stages of projects.
  • Assessing job site conditions to aid in logistics planning and enhance project estimates.
  • Enhancing owner transparency and accelerating approvals in the financing phase.
  • Overseeing work progress and management.

Drone Volumetrics

Our Drone Volumetric Service allows you to quickly make accurate measurements of stockpiles and excavations. We can also provide 3D CAD files that allow for cut-fill analysis reports. Measure and visualize changes in your tailings dam, measure erosion, and compare against your design against all drone data combined with easy-to-use volumetric tools.

Depending on the type of stockpile, gathering data can in some cases not only be labor-intensive but risky requiring the choice between good data and safety. Drones eliminate the risk factors providing a safe and reliable way to collect volumetric data not matter what the job-site environment whether it be construction or mining or other sites.

Construction services

Construction Progression

From taking the big picture above to improving the efficiency and safety in any construction site or business, drones provide a remarkable way to ensure that your construction project is always the best it can be.  The project team will have the visual history of the construction and excavation progress. For clients who can’t afford to come to the site regularly, drones can be an innovative way to show them the process of the renovation, building or inspection.

Imaging In The Sky enjoys working with a variety of companies in the construction and development spaces such as.

Benefits of Construction Progression.

Construction progression monitoring is vital for the success and efficiency of modern construction projects, offering numerous benefits to construction companies and their investors. By utilizing advanced technologies like drones and real-time data analytics, companies can ensure meticulous oversight and timely updates throughout the construction process. Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits:

  • Enhanced Project Management:
    • Continuous monitoring allows project managers to ensure the project remains on track concerning both timeline and budget.
    • Early detection of deviations enables timely corrective actions, preventing costly delays and budget overruns.
    • Proactive management optimizes resource allocation and improves operational efficiency.
  • Improved Stakeholder Communication:
    • Regular and transparent updates ensure all stakeholders, including construction managers, investors, clients, and contractors, are well-informed.
    • Enhanced communication fosters a collaborative environment, builds trust, and demonstrates commitment to the project plans.
  • Effective Risk Management:
    • Continuous oversight helps in identifying potential safety issues or compliance discrepancies early.
    • Swift interventions to mitigate risks protect workers on-site and reduce the likelihood of accidents.
    • Early risk identification protects the project against potential legal and financial consequences.
  • Quality Control:
    • Systematic monitoring detects any deviations from the set quality standards promptly.
    • Immediate rectification of these deviations reduces the need for costly rework.
    • Ensures that the final product adheres to all specified quality requirements, maintaining high standards.
  • Investor Confidence:
    • Demonstrable progress and adherence to project timelines and budgets reassure investors.
    • Transparency in project execution and outcomes helps maintain and potentially increase investment levels.
    • Successful project delivery enhances the company’s reputation and attracts future investments.

In conclusion, construction progression monitoring is indispensable in modern construction projects. It not only ensures projects are delivered on time and within budget but also upholds the highest quality standards. This practice significantly enhances operational efficiency, fosters better stakeholder relationships, and improves risk management. By implementing strategic and continuous monitoring, construction companies can achieve superior project outcomes, satisfying both clients and investors, and paving the way for future business success.